§ 154.25  PAVING.
   (A)   All roadways shall be paved. Pavements shall be of suitable width for the traffic on the street, and in no case shall the width be less than 32 feet.
   (B)   The rights-of-way shall be graded for their full widths to provide suitable finish grades for pavements, sidewalks, and planting strips with adequate surface drainage and convenient access to the lots.
   (C)   Minimum acceptable pavements shall be:
      (1)   Five-inch reinforced concrete pavement (2500 P.S.I.) with six inch integral concrete curbs.
      (2)   Asphaltic concrete pavement, four inches of coarse graded binder course and two inches of fine graded surface course, with a six-inch concrete curb and 18-inch gutter (24 inches overall).
('68 Code, § 33-16(E)) (Ord. 472, passed 12-18-56; Am. Ord. 472A, passed 4-15-74, Am. Ord. 472B, passed 12-16-74) Penalty, see § 10.99