§ 122.11  DISPATCHING.
   (A)   All ambulance services duly licensed by the city must be able to communicate directly with the Police Department dispatcher, by radio, throughout the Freeport area.
   (B)   The dispatching of all emergency ambulance calls in the city coming into the police station, which specify no particular ambulance service, shall be done by the Police Department dispatcher in a rotation basis. An ambulance rotation list shall be maintained by the Police Department of all ambulance companies licensed within the city. Upon receiving a communication that a person in the community needs emergency ambulance service, the dispatcher shall call the first company on the rotation list to respond. On each succeeding communication or upon the inability of the first company to respond, the next company shall be called, and so on, calling each ambulance company on the list in rotation. If no ambulance company licensed within the city is able to respond to the call immediately upon its receipt, the dispatcher shall contact the City Fire Department for use of the City Fire Department emergency vehicle.
('68 Code, § 5½-11) (Ord. 1443, passed 11-5-79)