(A)   The license officer shall, within ten days after receipt of an application for an ambulance license as provided for herein, cause such investiga-tion as he deems necessary to be made of the applicant and of his proposed operations.
   (B)   The license officer shall issue a license hereunder for a specified ambulance, to be valid for a period of one year unless earlier suspended, revoked, or terminated, when he finds:
      (1)   That the public convenience and necessity require the proposed ambulance service.
      (2)   That each such ambulance, its required equipment and the premises designated in the application, have been certified by the license officer as provided for herein.
      (3)   That the applicant is a responsible and proper person to conduct or work in the proposed business.
      (4)   That only duly licensed drivers, attendants, and attendant-drivers are employed in such capacities.
      (5)   That all the requirements of this chapter and all other applicable laws and ordinances have been met.
   (C)   The license officer shall also have authority to issue a temporary permit for a period of up to 30 days for an ambulance which replaces a previously licensed ambulance which is temporarily out of service because of mechanical difficulties. Any ambulance to which a temporary permit is issued must otherwise comply with all the requirements of this chapter and state and local law. The fee for a temporary permit for a replacement ambulance is $5.
('68 Code, § 5½-8) (Ord. 1443, passed 11-5-79)
1997 S-1 Repl.