(a)   Every ordinance or resolution adopted by the City Council, which is required or permitted to be published in a newspaper, shall designate, in the body thereof, one or more newspapers of general circulation within the City of Freeport in which such ordinance or resolution, or the descriptive caption thereof, shall be published; and it shall also appear on the City’s website for at least ten (10) days or for the length of time between each publication, if it is required to be published more than once, whichever is longer.
   (b)   Each officer of the City, who is required or permitted to publish any printed notice or other printed matter in any newspaper, shall select one or more newspapers in which such printed notice or other printed matter shall be published.
   (c)   No newspaper may be designated or selected that does not meet all of the applicable requirements of state law for newspaper publication.  Provided, however, the designation or selection of a newspaper as provided above shall be prima facie evidence that such newspaper met all of such requirements at the time of such publication.
   (d)   When a newspaper is designated or selected as provided above, it shall be deemed to be an “official newspaper” of the City, as that term is used in any provision of this Charter, the ordinances of the City or any statute or regulation requiring publication.
(Adopted by electorate 5-24-04; Amendment adopted by electorate 5-16-16)