(A)   Failure of the wrecker business called to respond with an appropriate wrecker at the scene of the collision within 20 minutes of notification, without justification acceptable to the Police Department, shall cause the permit holder to forfeit that call on the next wrecker business upon the wrecker rotation list. Failure to respond within 20 minutes to two successive rotation list duty calls, without justification acceptable to the Police Department during a six-month period, shall be cause for the wrecker business to be passed over for a 30- day period at wrecker rotation list duty. A wrecker business which has been passed over two times within a one-year period shall be removed from the list for a period of six months upon the next occurrence of failure to respond for wrecker rotation list duty.
   (B)   A wrecker business desiring to be placed upon the wrecker rotation list shall be required to make written application to the Police Department and shall execute an agreement to hold the city harmless from any and all claims arising from performance of wrecker services in connection with such listing upon a wrecker rotation list.
   (C)   In the event that a police officer initiates the tow of a vehicle without the knowledge of the owner of the vehicle, the Police Department shall, as soon as possible attempt to determine the owner of such vehicle and notify such person by the fastest available means of the impoundment of the vehicle.
   (D)   The owner of a vehicle impounded as a result of a police initiated tow may obtain the immediate release of his vehicle by paying the amount of towing and storage charges against the vehicle to the appropriate service. Upon receipt by the storage lot or wrecker company of the cash fee, the Police Department shall require the wrecker business holding the vehicle to release it to the owner. The city shall not be responsible for damages to the towed vehicle or loss of property from such vehicle. Such claims shall be the responsibility of the wrecker business conducting the tow and storage of the vehicle. This section shall not apply to vehicles held by the Police Department under authority of state and federal laws.
   (E)   On all rotation wrecker calls, a complete written inventory of the towed vehicle contents shall be completed by the Police Department at the scene, or as soon thereafter as possible.
('68 Code, § 7-18) (Ord. 1611, passed 1-20-86)