Wreckers shall meet the following equipment requirements:
   (A)   Shall not be less than one ton in capacity as reflected on the manufacturer's certificate, title, or by certification of capacity by a mechanical engineer licensed as a professional engineer in the State of Texas.
   (B)   Shall be equipped with power booster brakes.
   (C)   Shall be equipped with a power operated winch, winch line and boom with a tested lifting capacity of not less than 6,000 pounds single-line capacity.
   (D)   Shall carry as standard equipment at least one each of the following: Tow bar, safety chain, and fire extinguisher. If such wrecker is to be used in collision hauls, it shall also carry a wrecker bar, broom, fuses, axe, refuse container or bag, shovel, dolly, 25-foot chain, and a minimum of 75 feet of cable, each having a 6,000-pound pull, and the collision call wrecker shall have dual rear wheels or rear wheel load capacity of 6,000 pounds. The cable shall be certified as proscribed by the Chief of Police or his designee.
   (E)   Shall be in such mechanical condition that it can be safely and reliably used as a wrecker.
   (F)   Shall comply with all applicable motor vehicle equipment laws of the state.
   (G)   Shall display atop the highest part of the wrecker, one or more revolving amber lights pursuant to Tex. Rev. Civ. Stat., Art. 6701d, § 124.
   (H)   Shall have two white flood lights projecting to the rear of the wrecker, mounted in such a manner as to light up the vehicle being loaded or unloaded and which light shall be extinguished while towing is in progress.
   (I)   Shall have a small car dolly and a cradle-sling or bar to provide rigid spacing between the wrecker and the towed vehicle and which is capable of lifting the front or rear of a towed vehicle clear of the roadway. A bed-type hauler capable of safely transporting the entire vehicle to be hauled is not required to have a cradle-sling or bar or a small car dolly.
('68 Code, § 7-17) (Ord. 1611, passed 1-20-86)  Penalty, see § 10.99