(A)   In the event the owner of a disabled vehicle involved in an accident or collision fails to designate a wrecker company, or refuses to designate one, or the accident occurs on any bridge within the city limits, so that the provisions of § 121.25(B)(3) apply, the investigating officer shall communicate that fact immediately to the Police Department headquarters. The Police Department shall keep a master list, known as the wrecker rotation list, in alphabetical order, of all wrecker companies qualifying therefor under the provisions of this chapter.
   (B)   There shall be one wrecker per wrecker company designated for the wrecker rotation list. Each wrecker company may have a designated secondary or backup wrecker unit available for the rotation list when the regular rotation wrecker is mechanically inoperative, or when deemed necessary by the Police Department. A temporary rotation permit is not required for the backup wrecker, but it must comply with all provisions of § 121.33.
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