(A)   Contents.  The Chief of Police shall cause a wrecker selection form to be prepared which shall:
      (1)   Contain a statement by the owner of the disabled vehicle designating in blank spaces therein the wrecker company (one authorized under this chapter to engage in the wrecker business) which he desires to remove the disabled vehicle and the place to which he desires the vehicle removed;
      (2)   Contain a statement authorizing any police officer to call the designated wrecker company to remove the disabled vehicle;
      (3)   Contain a statement in the alternative that the owner has no preference as to a wrecker company and authorizes any police officer to call the wrecker company next in line on the wrecker rotation list maintained at police headquarters and a statement that he desires the vehicle to be removed to the place designated by him in a blank space therein; and
      (4)   Provide space for signature of the owner of the vehicle.
('68 Code, § 7-8)
   (B)   Use.
      (1)   When a police officer investigating an accident determines that any vehicle which has been involved in a collision or accident upon a public street is unable to proceed safely under his own power, or when the owner thereof is physically unable to drive such vehicle, such officer shall request the owner to designate on a wrecker selection form the wrecker company the owner desires to remove the vehicle. Such designation by the owner shall be indicated on the form and when completed shall be signed by the owner. The police officer shall give a copy of the authorization thus made on the form to the owner and shall retain for record the original thereof. Upon leaving duty on the same day, the police officer shall place such original in a well-bound book in the Police Department provided for that purpose.
      (2)   When the owner has designated the wrecker company desired, the police officer shall communicate the fact immediately to Police Depart- ment headquarters, and it shall be the duty of the officer receiving such information at headquarters to call the designated company to send a wrecker to the scene of the accident or collision.
      (3)   Provided, however, that the provisions of divisions (B)(1) and (2) of this section shall not apply to any accident occurring on any bridge within the city limits; whenever any police officer investigating any accident determines that the accident has occurred on any bridge within the city limits, the officer may call a wrecker using the wrecker rotation list system specified in this chapter, without first attempting to have the owner designate a wrecker of his preference. This provision is made necessary by the fact that a special hazard is created by an accident on a bridge and it is imperative that the emergency and congestion created thereby be relieved as rapidly as possible.
('68 Code, § 7-9)
(Ord. 1060, passed 1-22-62; Am. Ord. 1060B, passed 2-2-76)