(A)   Whenever, upon inspection of any recreational vehicle park, the Building Official, the Health Officer, the Fire Chief, or the Police Chief of the city or their respective designee finds that conditions or practices exist which are in violation of any provision of this chapter exist at such park, the Building Official shall issue and deliver to the licensee of such park a written notice setting forth each such condition or practice and notifying the licensee that unless such condition or practice is corrected or stopped within the time specified in such notice, which shall be a reasonable time taking into consideration the time required in the opinion of the Building Official for the correction or stopping of such condition or practice, the license of such licensee to operate such park shall be suspended. At the end of such notice period, the Building Official shall reinspect such park and, if all conditions or practices mentioned in such notice have not been corrected or stopped, the Building Official shall immediately suspend the license of such licensee to operate such park for such period of time as the Building Official deems appropriate.
   (B)   Any person whose license to operate a recreational vehicle park is suspended shall have the right to have such suspension reviewed by the City Council which shall, by majority vote of its members present and voting at any regular or special meeting at which the same appears as an item on the agenda, affirm or reverse the suspension of such license by the Building Official. If the decision of the Building Official is reversed by the City Council, the City Council may either reinstate the license or suspend it for a lesser period of time than that for which it was suspended by the Building Official. Any decision of the City Council in such appeal shall be final.
(Ord. 1760, passed 4-4-93)