(A)   After receiving an application for a permit required by the provisions of §§ 119.73 through 119.83, the City Secretary shall deliver such application to the Chief of Police. The Chief of Police shall then:
      (1)   Examine the application.
      (2)   Take and keep a record of the fingerprints of the applicant, and no permit shall be issued until the applicant complies with this requirement.
      (3)   Require a personal demonstration by the applicant that he is able safely to operate a taxicab within the city. In this connection, the Chief of Police, if he deems it necessary, may require that applicant furnish a certificate from a reputable optometrist or oculist, stating from an eye examination within the past six months the condition of applicant's vision.
   (B)   The Chief of Police shall then report and recommend to the City Secretary that the application be granted or rejected.
('68 Code, § 35-70) (Ord. 212, passed 12-18-45)