(A)   Whenever the owner of any vehicle operated as a taxicab within the city fails to render for and pay when due all ad valorem taxes assessed on behalf of the city against such vehicle or any other equipment used in connection with any taxicab business located in the city, or fails to pay any other fees or charges due the city, or fails to maintain a business address and business telephone number within the city, or fails to notify the City Secretary of any change of business address or business telephone number within the city, and fails to remedy the same within ten days after written notice of such delinquency or default from the City Manager, the license issued under the provisions of this chapter for the operation of such vehicle as a taxicab within the city shall be automatically revoked. Such notice shall be sufficient if deposited in the U.S. Mail, first class postage prepaid and addressed to the licensee at the business address given by the licensee to the City Secretary.
   (B)   A licensee whose license has been cancelled may apply for a new license after the expiration of 12 months from the effective date of the cancellation, but any violation of any provision of this code or any other ordinance of the city, or any law of the state by such licensee during the term of such new license, shall be regarded as a subsequent violation for the purposes of applying the provisions of § 119.99.
('68 Code, § 35-30) (Ord. 212, passed 12-18-45; Am. Ord. 1782, passed 3-20-95)  Penalty, see § 119.99