(A)   Each owner or operator of a vehicle used as a taxicab within the city shall pay to the city a street rental charge of $100 per year for each vehicle so operated. The street rental charge shall be paid annually in advance and shall cover the period ending at 12:00 midnight of December 31 following payment of same.
   (B)   All street rental charges becoming due and payable other than on January 1 of the year for which due shall be prorated on the basis of the calendar year remaining at the time the application for license is granted, as herein provided, and for the purpose of determining the pro rata amount the month during which the license is granted shall be counted as one full month.
   (C)   If any vehicle operated as a taxicab ceases to be used for such purpose, then there shall be refunded the pro rata of the rental charge and for the purpose of determining the pro rata part, the month in which the vehicle ceases to be so used shall not be counted in the computation.
('68 Code, § 35-27) (Ord. 212, passed 12-18-45; Am. Ord. 1564, passed 9-12-83)  Penalty, see § 119.99