Upon receipt of an application for a license required by the provisions of this subchapter, the City Secretary shall, after examining the application, make an investigation to determine whether the issuance of a license to operate a taxicab will be dangerous to the health, safety, and welfare of the city, and the City Secretary shall give due weight and consideration to, among other things:
   (A)   The type vehicle proposed to be operated.
   (B)   The age (which may not exceed seven years) and the mechanical condition of such vehicle (which must be verified by written certificate of inspection as provided in § 119.30 of this chapter).
   (C)   Whether the equipment of such vehicle (which must include a taximeter) includes a fixed two- way radio and an emergency distress button located on the left side of such vehicle and/or a cell phone with GPS location capabilities if offered in the cellular market. At a minimum, such phones shall have speed dial programmed for all local law enforcement for the coverage area of the taxicab, and is to be certified by the Chief of Police, or the designee of the Chief of Police, as operable.
   (D)   If the applicant has previously held a taxicab license under this chapter that was revoked or cancelled, whether the cause of any such revocation was remedied, and whether 12 months has elapsed from the effective date of any such cancellation, as the case may be.
('68 Code, § 35-24) (Ord. 212, passed 12-18-45; Am. Ord. 1782, passed 3-20-95; Am. Ord. 2006-2130, passed 8-21-06)