Any permit issued under the provisions of this chapter shall be nontransferable and may be revoked upon a majority vote of the members of the City Council, taken at any regular or special meeting of the Council whenever it shall appear to the City Council that the permittee has violated any provision of this chapter or has failed to comply with the requirements of this chapter, provided, however, written notice of such meeting and impending revocation of such permit shall be given to the permittee in question by depositing the same in the U.S. mail, first class postage prepaid, directed to the permittee at the address set forth on his permit. Provided further, that at such meeting, the permittee shall be permitted to present any evidence in person or through counsel prior to the taking of such vote.
('68 Code, § 9½-5) (Ord. 1398, passed 8-21-78) Penalty, see § 10.99