Applications for such license shall state the number of motor buses expected to be accommodated in the location of the proposed depot in the case of storage or garaging of motor buses themselves; and the proposed location in the area of the loading or unloading depots and platforms. The application shall be in writing and submitted to the City Manager. It shall be the duty of the City Manager, when an application for a permit is filed with him, at the next regular meeting of the City Council following the filing of such application, to call the attention of the Council members thereto; and, upon consideration of such application, the City Council may grant or refuse a permit to the applicant to operate, conduct, or maintain a motor bus transport business or motor bus transport depot within the city if in their discretion it may seem to be to the best interest of the city and the public in general. Provided, however, the permit issued hereunder shall be subject to revocation as provided in § 118.05.
('68 Code, § 9½-3) (Ord. 1398, passed 8-21-78)