(A)   No license shall be issued for any public dance hall until the City Secretary has received satisfactory evidence that:
      (1)   At least 400 square feet of floor space in one space is provided for dancing.
      (2)   The premises desired to be licensed as a dance hall comply with all provisions of this code, state law, and city ordinances, rules, and regulations regulating health, sanitation, fire, and safety and the Fire Marshal and Building Inspector shall, in their respective capacities, note their approval upon the application showing such compliance with such provisions.
(‘68 Code, § 29-74)
   (B)   No dance hall license shall be granted unless it shall appear, upon inspection and investigation by the Chief of Police, the Health Officer, the Fire Marshal and the Building Inspector, that the premises desired to be used for the purpose of conducting a dance hall comply with the laws of the state, the provisions of this subchapter, the ordinances of the city regulating health and sanitation, the fire regulations, the zoning requirements and the building code, and that the proposed dance hall is properly ventilated and supplied with sufficient toilet conveniences, and a safe and proper place for the purpose for which it is used, as determined by regulations adopted by the city. The officers named herein shall, in their respective capacities, note their approval or disapproval upon the application for the license.
(‘68 Code, § 29-75)
(Ord. 433, passed 4-4-55)  Penalty, see § 10.99