The City Manager, between sixty (60) and ninety (90) days prior to the beginning of each fiscal year, shall submit to the Council a proposed budget, which budget shall provide a complete financial plan for the fiscal year, and shall contain the following:
   (a)   A budget message, explanatory of the budget, which message shall contain an outline of the proposed financial policies of the City for the fiscal year, shall set forth the reasons for salient changes from the previous fiscal year in expenditure and revenue items, and shall explain any major changes in financial policy;
   (b)   A consolidated statement of anticipated receipts and proposed expenditures for all funds;
   (c)   An analysis of property valuations;
   (d)   An analysis of tax rate;
   (e)   Tax levies and tax collections by years for at least five (5) years;
   (f)   General fund resources in detail;
   (g)   Special fund resources in detail;
   (h)   Summary of proposed expenditures by function, department, and activity;
   (i)   Detailed estimates of expenditures shown separately for each activity to support summary No. (h) above;
   (j)   A revenue and expense statement for all types of bonds;
   (k)   A description of all bond issues outstanding, showing rate of interest, date of issue, maturity date, amount authorized, amount issued, and amount outstanding;
   (l)   A schedule of requirements for the principal and interest of each issue of bonds;
   (m)   The appropriation ordinance;
   (n)   The tax-levying ordinance.