General Provisions
   115.001   Bond or liability required for amusement rides
Amusement Devices
   115.010   Standard Amusement Device Code adopted
   115.011   Amendments
Coin-Operated Machines
   115.020   Definitions
   115.021   Occupation tax levied
   115.022   Payment of tax; receipt attached to machine
   115.023   Nontaxed machines declared nuisance; seizure; destruction
   115.024   Exemptions from tax
   115.026   Proximity to church, school, or hospital
   115.027   Eight liners prohibited
Dance Halls
   115.040   Definitions
   115.041   Exemption from provisions
   115.042   Compliance required
   115.043   Hours of operation
   115.044   Attendance by certain persons; certain conduct prohibited
   115.045   Connection of sleeping rooms to dance hall premises restricted
   115.046   Toilet facilities required
   115.047   Right of entry by enforcing officers
   115.048   Suspension or revocation of license or permit
   115.049   Maintenance of dance hall premises
   115.050   Dance hall license required
   115.052   Specific prerequisites to issuance of license; inspection
   115.053   Character of applicant condition to issuance
   115.054   Fees
   115.055   Issuance of license
   115.056   Appeal from denial
   115.057   Expiration; renewal
   115.058   Transfer of license to another person prohibited
   115.059   Contents of license
   115.060   Display of license required
   115.061   Dance permit required
Pool Halls
   115.075   Definitions
   115.076   Hours of operation
   115.077   License required
   115.078   Application for license; contents, false statements
   115.079   License fee
   115.080   Denial of license; revocation; suspension
   115.081   Display of license
   115.082   Inspections