(A)   The city and the grantee may hold scheduled performance evaluation sessions within 30 days of the third and sixth anniversary dates of the grantee’s award or renewal of a franchise and as may be required by federal and state law.
   (B)   Special evaluation sessions may be held at any time during the term of the franchise at the request of the city or the grantee.
   (C)   All evaluation sessions shall be open to the public and announced in accordance with the city’s required legal notice.
   (D)   Topics which may be discussed at any scheduled or special evaluation session may include, but not be limited to, service rate structures; franchise fee, penalties, free or discounted services; application of new technologies; system performance; services provided; programming offered; customer complaints; privacy; amendments to this chapter; judicial and FCC rulings; line extension policies; and grantee or city rules.
   (E)   Members of the general public may add topics either by working through the negotiating parties or by presenting a petition. If such a petition bears the valid signatures of 50 or more residents of the city, the proposed topic or topics shall be added to the list of topics to be discussed at the evaluation session.