(A)   Any person desiring a permit to drill, complete, and operate a well for oil or gas shall make written application therefor to the City Secretary. Such application shall be signed by the applicant or some person duly authorized to sign the same on such person’s behalf. Such application shall state whether the well shall be drilled as an oil or gas well, the proposed depth, the drilling block and the location of the proposed well, which shall include the name of the fee owner of the land, the name of the lease owner, a brief description of the land and a detailed plat showing the location of all battery tanks, the well site and the exact location of the well (a copy of the plat furnished to the State Railroad Commission shall be acceptable).
(‘68 Code, § 23-18)
   (B)   The application for a permit required by the provisions of this subchapter shall be accompanied by a deposit of $100 in cash as a fee to the city. 
(‘68 Code, § 23-19)
(Ord. 1112, passed 1-18-65)