§ 97.53  REFILLING.
   After the excavation for which a permit has been obtained under the provisions of this subchapter is finished, the work of refilling the same shall be prosecuted with due diligence and so as not to obstruct or interfere with the use of the street for travel thereon any more than is absolutely necessary. If the work is not so prosecuted, or if the work of refilling does not, in the judgment of the City Engineer, comply with the terms of this subchapter and the contract of the party making such excavation, the City Engineer shall notify the person named in the permit that such work is not being prosecuted with due diligence, or that the refilling of such excavation has not been properly done, and he shall require such person to proceed with all diligence in the prosecution of the work.
(‘68 Code, § 32-59) (Ord. 1055, passed 7-3-61) Penalty, see § 10.99