(A)   Except as provided in division (B) of this section, the official name for each public street, alley or highway opened within the city prior to date of adoption of the ordinance adding this section to this code shall be as stated on the official zoning map of the city adopted by  § 3 of Ordinance 1100, passed on April 3, 1964, and any amendments thereto or replacements thereof subsequently adopted.
   (B)   The official names of the following public streets or highways, or the designated portion thereof, are hereby changed as follows:
      (1)   The name of the portion of the public highway within the city known as FM 1495, including but not being limited to the portion thereof heretofore known as Pine Street, from its intersection with FM 523 to its intersection with the Intracoastal Waterway, is changed to Navigation Boulevard.
      (2)   The name of the alley located behind 501, 531, 532, 564, 565, 594, 595, 630, 631 and 668 of the Velasco Townsite, between Division Street and Quintana Street, shall be known as Mystery Harbor Lane.
      (3)   The name of the drive providing access from Second Street to the Brazosport High School baseball and softball complexes shall be Exporter Drive.
      (4)   The roadways formerly known as County Road 723 and County Road 241, located west of FM 1495 and south of the Louisiana-Texas Gulf Intercoastal Waterway, shall be known, collectively, as J.P. Bryan Road.
      (5)   The roadway formerly known as County Road 750, which connects FM 1495 with the citys Bryan Beach on the Gulf of Mexico, shall be Bryan Beach Road.
      (6)   The name of the roadway passing in front of the Freeport Library and connecting Quintana Street in the Velasco Townsite with Brazosport Boulevard (State Highway 288) shall be Veterans Memorial Drive.
      (7)   The name of Second Street, as shown on the plat of the Freeport Townsite on file in Volume 2, page 95 of the plat records of Brazoria County, Texas, is hereby changed to Second Street/ Martin Luther King Boulevard.
      (8)   The name of East Park Avenue, as shown on the Plat of the Freeport Townsite on file in Volume 2, page 95 of the plat records of Brazoria County, Texas, is hereby changed to East Park Avenue/Nat Hickey Lane.
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