Except as otherwise provided, the city may terminate this franchise in the event of failure, refusal, or neglect by the grantee to comply with any material obligation or provision contained in this subchapter. The city shall comply with the following procedures:
   (A)   The City Council shall make a written determination that after reasonable investigation it appears that the grantee has failed, refused, or neglected to comply with the material provisions of this subchapter.
   (B)   If the Council finds good cause to make its determination on the standards set forth above, then it shall give written notice to the grantee stating its factual or legal basis for same. The grantee shall have 21 days after its receipt of such notice in which to comply with the provisions and/or deficiencies. If the alleged violation is not remedied within the 21-day period, the Council may cancel this franchise or set the violation for discussion at the regularly scheduled meeting, at which meeting the Council shall make a decision whether the alleged violations was in fact a failure, refusal, or neglect by the grantee to comply with a material provision of this chapter. If theCouncil determines such failure, refusal, or neglect by the grantee was not in the public interest or in compliance with the terms of this franchise, said franchise shall be terminated.
(‘68 Code, § 9-11) (Ord. 1623, passed 9-8-86)