(A)   Use.  All structures, equipment, or improvements installed or erected by the grantee within the city shall be installed and located, so as to cause a minimum of interference with the proper use of public ways and waters and with reasonable and safe convenience to citizens, boaters, and the public who enjoy the recreational benefits of said public area and waterways. The grantee shall provide service at all times to meet seasonal public demand within the hours prescribed by park regulation.
   (B)   Improvements. All improvements contemplated herein, if any, shall be at the expense of the grantee and subject to all policies, rules, procedures, and regulations of the city. The grantee shall use its best efforts to abate litter by its patrons at docking facilities or underway and shall comply with all city directives and ordinances regarding signs, parking, crowd control, wake, and litter.
   (C)   Maintenance and operation. The grantee shall at all times comply with all applicable rules, regulations, and laws which affect and govern the operation and maintenance of the franchise vessel.
   (D)   Sale of refreshments.  Sale of food, beverages, or any items aside from tickets for passage, is prohibited when the franchised vessel is docked at the municipal park.
(‘68 Code, § 9-9) (Ord. 1623, passed 9-8-86)  Penalty, see § 10.99