The city, upon application and payment of a $500 per vessel per calendar year franchise permit fee, shall grant the grantee, the right and privilege to operate a sight-seeing vessel from a point of land in the municipal park adjacent to the northeastern bank and end of the Old Brazos River and northwest of the public dock thereon for purposes of recreation.
   (A)   This grant is nonexclusive and the grantee may only load and unload passengers and tourists on this city property at times and under conditions designated below.
   (B)   The grantee fully understands and agrees that the city does not warrant the land as a quay, wall, or wharves to be safe for berthing or mooring vessels, or for accepting and discharging passengers, and assumes no responsibility as a wharfinger.
   (C)   This concession franchise grants or vests no right, title, or claim for or to the land described and designated in the permit, being that portion at the northeast bank at the end of the Old Brazos River between the shell dock boating area at the Freeport Municipal Park and the city light pole, north of three concrete pavilions on said land. Additionally, this land and riverbank shall be designated on the ground by the city for this purpose.
   (D)   This franchise may be modified or suspended for special events by the City Council.
   (E)   The grantee shall be solely responsible to maintain and restore the boarding area or bank of the river.
(‘68 Code, § 9-6) (Ord. 1623, passed 9-8-86)