There shall be established and maintained a Department of Police to preserve order within the City and to secure the residents of said City from violence and the property therein from injury or loss.
   (a)   Chief of Police. The chief of police shall be the chief administrative officer of the department of police.  He shall, with the approval of the City Manager, appoint and remove the employees of such department and shall perform such other duties as may be required of him by the city council. The chief of police shall be appointed by the city manager, with the approval of the city council, for an indefinite term. The chief of police shall be responsible to the city manager for the administration of the police department and the carrying out of the directives of the city council. The chief of police may be removed from office by the city manager with the approval of the city council.
   (b)   Special Police. No persons except as otherwise provided by general law or this Charter or the ordinances passed pursuant thereto shall act as special police or special detective.
(Amendment adopted by electorate 5-7-94)
   (c)   The Chief of Police shall appoint one of the members of the Police Department to act as warrant officer. The warrant officer shall execute warrants and other process issued by the Judge or Clerk of the Municipal Court, attend and act as bailiff at all sessions of the Municipal Court, act as security officer for all Municipal Court personnel and perform such other and further duties as may be requested of him by the Municipal Court Judge or assigned by the Chief of Police, with priority being given by the warrant officer to discharging the duties of warrant officer as specified herein.
(Amendment adopted by electorate 5-12-12)