It is an affirmative defense to any violation of § 93.20 if:
   (A)   The circumstances require that an order to move, disperse or otherwise remedy the violation be given and:
      (1)   No order was in fact given; or
      (2)   The order given was manifestly unreasonable in scope; or,
      (3)   The order given was promptly obeyed; or
   (B)   The mechanical loudspeaker or sound amplifier was being operated:
      (1)   In a public place within an enclosed structure and was not audible beyond the property line of the premises on which it was operated; or
      (2)   By a law enforcement officer or member of the fire department in the performance of official duties;
      (3)   For the purpose of alerting persons to the existence of an emergency or danger; or
      (4)   In the performance of emergency work necessary to restore public utilities, to restore property to a safe condition, or to protect persons or property from imminent danger following a fire, accident or natural disaster.
(‘68 Code, § 20-14) (Ord. 1097, passed 1-6-64; Am. Ord. passed  - -96; Am. Ord. 1802, passed 8-5-96)  Penalty, see § 10.99