(A)   A person commits an offense if he operates or causes to be operated any mechanical loudspeaker or sound amplifier in a public place or upon any public sidewalk, street, alley or highway in the city if such operation:
      (1)   Occurs between sundown of one day and 8:00 o’clock, a.m., of the succeeding day within 150 feet of the property line of any premises on which a single-family, duplex or multi-family dwelling is located; or,
      (2)   Causes loud and raucous noises to be emitted which interfere with the enjoyment of life or property or with the public peace and comfort; or,
      (3)   Causes traffic congestion or the congregation of crows that obstruct any public sidewalk, street, alley or highway; or,
      (4)   Occurs within 150 feet of any hospital, nursing home or licensed adult personal care facility or any school or children’s day care that is in session.
   (B)   If conduct that would otherwise violate this section consists of speech or other communication, of gathering with others to hear or observe such speech or communication, or of gathering with others to picket or otherwise express in a nonviolent manner a position on social, economic, political or religious questions, the person must be ordered to move, disperse or otherwise remedy the violation prior to arrest or citation. Such order may be given by a peace office, a fireman, a person with authority to control the use of any affected premises or any person directly affected by the violation.
(‘68 Code, § 20-13) (Ord. 1097, passed 1-6-64; Am. Ord. passed  - -96; Am. Ord. 1802, passed 8-5-96)