General Provisions
   92.01   Arson reward
   92.02   False alarms
Fire Marshal
   92.15   Creation; appointment and qualifications
   92.16   Duty to investigate fires
   92.17   Taking of testimony
   92.18   Authority to summon witnesses
   92.19   Private investigations; separation of witnesses
   92.20   Evidence of crime in connection with fire
   92.21   Misconduct of witnesses summoned
   92.22   Right of entry; inspection of premises
   92.23   Records of fires to be kept; monthly report
Freeport Fire and E.M.S. Department
   92.35   Establishment of department; definitions
   92.36   Organization
   92.37   Application, appointment and removal
   92.38   Appointment and removal of Chief, etc.
   92.39   Control of activity; organization
   92.40   Rules, regulations and policies
   92.41   Training of firefighters and e.m.s. personnel
   92.42   Voluntary contributions; special fund
   92.43   Fees for services rendered; collection
International Fire Code
   92.50   Adoption
   92.51   Amendments
   92.52   Enforcement of code; modifications
   92.53   Appeals
   92.54   New materials, processes, or occupancies requiring permits
   92.55   Insurance required of installers
   92.56   Permit fees
   92.65   Applicability; definitions
   92.66   Possession, manufacturing, sale, and discharge
   92.67   Fireworks displays
   92.68   Illegal fireworks; seizure, investigation
   92.69   Public displays
Explosives and Blasting Agents
   92.75   Definitions
   92.76   Manner of handling
   92.77   Liability of handlers
   92.78   Repair of transporting media when by water
   92.79   Revocation of permits
   92.80   Permit to handle
   92.81   Detonation permit