§ 91.50  METHOD.
   (A)   All human excreta must be disposed of so as not to pollute the soil, contaminate the water supply, be accessible to flies, mosquitoes, or other insects, rats, or mice, or create a nuisance. Such excreta shall be disposed of in properly managed sewers, treatment tanks, chemical toilets, septic tanks, pit privies, or by other methods approved by the State Board of Health.
('68 Code, § 17-77)
   (B)   When cleaned, the contents of septic tanks shall be disposed of under the direction of the Health Officer in a manner that such disposal will not create a nuisance, or provide a breeding place for flies or mosquitoes, or be accessible to rodents, animals, or birds.
('68 Code, § 17-80)
(Ord. 1063, passed 2-12-61)  Penalty, see § 10.99