§ 91.21  RIGHT OF APPEAL. 
   (A)   Any person who shall deem himself aggrieved by any order or ruling made through the authority vested by the provisions of this chapter, shall have the privilege of appealing from such ruling to the Board of Health by filing a written protest within ten days from the date of such order or ruling with the City Secretary and shall obtain a hearing before the Board of Health.
   (B)   Further appeal may be made by furnishing a transcript of the hearing before the Board of Health, signed by the Chairperson of the Board of Health and attested by the City Secretary, to the State Board of Health at Austin, Texas. Any decision made by said State Board of Health shall be deemed final. Such rules and regulations as may have been promulgated by the Health Officer shall remain in force and effect until final hearing has been obtained. Said Board shall promulgate from time to time such rules or procedure for hearing before it as it may deem expedient.
('68 Code, § 17-19) (Ord. 1063, passed 2-12-61)