General Provisions
   91.01   Definitions
   91.02   Pollution or contamination by industrial wastes
   91.03   Discharge of storm water in sewers
   91.04   Discharge of wastewater restricted
   91.05   Common towels and drinking cups
   91.06   Drinking water facilities
   91.07   Sanitary maintenance of railways and bus stations
   91.08   Sidewalks, alleys and unpaved rights-of-way; responsibility of owner, and the like
   91.09   Construction sites to be kept clear of filth
City Health Department
   91.20   General authority for health protection
   91.21   Right of appeal
   91.22   Board of Health; creation, composition, duties
   91.23   Appointment of members
   91.24   Term of members
   91.25   Meetings
   91.26   Presiding officer
   91.27   Rules and regulations
   91.28   Health Officer
   91.29   Duties of Health Officer
   91.30   Corrective measures
Communicable Disease
   91.40   Reports
   91.41   Closing places of public assembly
   91.42   Laundry
   91.43   Common carriers; travel restricted
Disposal of Human Excreta
   91.50   Method
   91.51   Privy or drain location
   91.52   Construction of disposal facilities
   91.53   Public toilets
   91.54   Cesspools
Regulations for Private Premises
   91.60   Prohibited conditions enumerated
   91.61   Notice to owner to remove unsanitary condition
   91.62   Correction of unsanitary condition
   91.63   Neglected premises
Mosquito Control
   91.70   Definition
   91.71   Treatment required; methods
   91.72   Presence of larvae
   91.73   Failure of person to abate
   91.74   Right of entry
Public Swimming Pools
   91.80   Bacterial content
   91.81   Alkalinity
   91.82   Construction and maintenance
   91.83   Lighting, ventilation, and cleaning of rooms, and the like
   91.84   Common combs, cups, towels prohibited