(a)   The legislative and governing body of the City of Freeport, Texas, shall be known as “The City Council of the City of Freeport, Texas” and shall be composed of a Mayor and four (4) council members. The Mayor shall be the presiding officer of the City Council and shall be recognized as the head of the City Government for all ceremonial purposes and by the Governor for purposes of Military Law but shall have no regular administrative duties. The Mayor must vote on all matters under consideration by the City Council, except as provided in Section 3.10 of this Charter. The Mayor shall not have the power of veto.
   (b)   The Mayor shall be elected from the City of Freeport at large for a two (2) year term at an election to be held in each of the hereinafter designated single member districts or wards on the first Saturday of May in each odd numbered year beginning in 1993.
   (c)   The City of Freeport shall be divided into four (4) single member council districts or wards designated as Wards A, B, C, and D.  The resident voters of each single member district or ward shall be entitled to elect one council member from the district or ward wherein they reside.  Any qualified candidate desiring to run for election to a position on the City Council from the district or ward wherein such candidate resides shall announce his or her candidacy for such position and file for election to such position in the manner required by this Charter and the Texas Election Code.
   (d)   The members of the City Council shall serve a two year term each, with an election being held for council members from Wards A and C in May of each even numbered year and from Wards B and D in May of each odd numbered year.
   (e)   All members of the City Council shall be subject to removal from office under the terms and conditions of the recall provisions of this Charter.
(Amendment adopted by electorate 5-2-92; Amendment adopted by electorate 5-4-02; Amendment adopted by electorate 5-24-04)