The Council shall have the power by ordinance to fix the boundary limits of the City of Freeport; and to provide for the alteration and extension of said boundary limits, and the annexation of additional territory lying adjacent to the City, with or without the consent of the territory and the inhabitants annexed, any such annexation being in accordance with the provisions of the Municipal Annexation Act codified as Chapter 43 of the Local Government Code. Upon the passage of any ordinance annexing property to the City, the boundary limits of the City shall thereafter be fixed in such ordinance; and when any additional territory has been so annexed, same shall be a part of the City of Freeport, and the property situated therein shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges of all the citizens, and shall be bound by the acts, ordinances, resolutions and regulations of the City.
(Res. No. 1065, Prop. I, 4-4-77; Election of 4-3-82; Amendment adopted by electorate 5-2-98)