General Provisions
   71.01   Use of roller skates and similar devices
   71.02   Putting rubbish or hazardous material on streets
   71.03   Advertising by public address or recording from vehicle; affirmative defense
   71.04   Moving large objects; affirmative defense
   71.05   Parades and processions
   71.06   One-way streets
   71.07   Driving on levee or riverbank of Old Brazos River west of the Velasco Boulevard Bridge
   71.08   Hazardous operation of motor vehicle or watercraft on flooded street or alley
Speed Regulations
   71.20   Regulation of speed by traffic signals
   71.21   Alteration of prima facie speed limits
Turning of Vehicles
   71.30   Entering or exiting from school driveways
   71.31   Velasco Boulevard at West Fourth Street
Stop Intersections
   71.50   Four-way stop intersections
   71.51   Two-way stop intersections
   71.52   Yield intersections
   71.53   Three-way stop intersections
No Passing Zones
   71.60   East Second Street and Brazos Boulevard
Intersections Controlled by Traffic Signals
   71.70   Green, yellow and red lights and colored lighted arrows
   71.71   Green, yellow and red lights only
   71.72   Flashing red lights only
   71.73   Duty when traffic signal not functioning
Multiple Lane Streets
   71.80   Velasco Boulevard
   71.99   Penalty