Article 1.
Form of Government and Boundaries
   1.01   Form of government
   1.02   Boundaries
   1.03   Annexation for all purposes
   1.04   Contraction of boundaries
Article 2.
Power of the City
   2.01   General
   2.02   General powers adopted
   2.03   Eminent domain
Article 3.
The Governing Body
   3.01   Number, selection, and term
   3.02   Qualifications
   3.03   Council to be judge of election and qualification
   3.04   Compensation
   3.05   Mayor Pro Tem
   3.06   Vacancies
   3.07   Powers of the City Council
   3.08   City Council not to interfere in appointments
   3.09   Meetings of the City Council
   3.10   Rules of procedure
   3.11   Procedure for passing of ordinances
   3.12   Official bonds for city employees
   3.13   Investigation by the City Council
   3.14   Audit and examination of city books and accounts
   3.15   Publication of financial statement
Article 4.
Administrative Services
   4.01   City Manager
   4.02   Department of Police
   4.03   City Secretary
   4.04    Director of Finance
   4.04A   Multiple Duties
   4.05   Municipal Court
   4.06   City Attorney
   4.07   Department of Health and Sanitation
   4.08   Fire and E.M.S. Department
   4.09   Other Departments
Article 5.
Nominations and Elections
   5.01   Elections
   5.02   Regulations of elections
   5.03   Filing for office
   5.04   The official ballot
   5.05   Election by majority
   5.06   Laws governing city elections
   5.07   Conducting and canvassing elections
   5.08   Oath of office
   5.09   Cancellation of elections
   5.10   Limitation on consecutive terms of office
Article 6.
Recall of Officers
   6.01   Scope of recall
   6.02   Petitions for recall
   6.03   Form of recall petition
   6.04   Various papers constituting petition
   6.05   Presentation of petition to City Council
   6.06   Public hearing to be held
   6.07   Election to be called
   6.08   Ballots in recall election
   6.09   Result of recall election
   6.10   Recall, restrictions thereon
   6.11   Failure of City Council to call an election
Article 7.
Legislation by the People, Initiative and Referendum
   7.01   General power
   7.02   Initiative
   7.03   Referendum
   7.04   Voluntary submission of legislation by the City Council
   7.05   Form of ballots
   7.06   Publication of proposed and referred ordinances
   7.07   Adoption of ordinances
   7.08   Inconsistent ordinances
   7.09   Ordinances passed by popular vote, repeal, or amendment
   7.10   Further regulations by City Council
   7.11   Franchise ordinances
Article 8.
Municipal Planning and Zoning
   8.01   Platting of property
   8.02   Development of property
   8.03   Planning Commission
   8.04   Zoning Board of Adjustment
Article 9.
Municipal Finance
   9.01   Fiscal year
   9.02   Preparation and submission of budget
   9.03   Anticipated revenues compared with other years in budget
   9.04   Proposed expenditures compared with other years
   9.05   Budget a public record
   9.06   Notice of public hearing on budget
   9.07   Public hearing on budget
   9.08   Proceedings on budget after public hearing
   9.09   Vote required for adoption
   9.10   Date for final adoption
   9.11   Effective date of budget; certifications; copies made available
   9.12   Budget establishes appropriations
   9.13   Budget establishes amount to be raised by property tax
   9.14   Contingent appropriation
   9.15   Estimated expenditures shall not exceed estimated resources
   9.16   Other necessary appropriations
   9.17   Department of Taxation
   9.18   Power to tax
   9.19   Property subject to tax, method of assessment
   9.20   (Deleted)
   9.21   (Deleted)
   9.22   (Deleted)
   9.23   (Deleted)
   9.24   Taxes; when due and payable
   9.25   Tax liens
Article 10.
Franchise and Public Utilities
   10.01   Powers of the city
   10.02   Franchise power of City Council
   10.03   Franchise value not to be allowed
   10.04   Right of regulation
   10.05   Regulations of rates and services
   10.06   Grant not to be exclusive
   10.07   Consent of property owners
   10.08   Extensions
   10.09   Other conditions
   10.10   Accounts of municipally-owned utilities
   10.11   Sales of water, sewer and any other services
Article 11.
General Provisions
   11.01   Publicity of records
   11.011   Selection of newspapers for publications
   11.02   Personal interest
   11.03   Drilling operations
   11.04   Nepotism
   11.05   Provisions relating to assignment, execution and garnishment
   11.06   City not required to give security or executive bond
   11.07   Special provisions covering damage suits
   11.08   Separability clause
   11.09   Effect of this charter on existing law
   11.10   Interim municipal government
   11.11   Applicability of general laws
   11.12   Amending the charter
   11.13   Charter review commission
   11.14   Submission of charter to voters
   11.15   Gender neutral provision
Editor's note:
   The city's Home Rule Charter was adopted by the voters of the city at a special election held on June 18, 1960, and adopted June 20, 1960.