Garage, yard, and estate sale permits shall be issued subject to the following restrictions and regulations; every application for a garage, yard, or estate sale permit shall contain the following information:
   (A)   All animal sales are strictly prohibited;
   (B)   Permit holder must prominently display original permit;
   (C)   Non-profit fundraisers must provide an EIN (Employer Identification Number);
   (D)   Prior to issuance or renewal of a permit under this chapter, evidence of permission by the owner or lease holder of the premises proposed to be used by the vendor authorizing such use by the vendor, must be filed with the Building Official. In instances where the vendor is the owner or tenant of the premises proposed to be used, proof of residency must be provided;
   (E)   The address and phone numbers of the applicant; and
   (F)   The name, home address and phone number of any individuals who will engage in business under the permit in addition to the applicant.
(Ord. 2019-2585, passed 10-7-19)