(A)   Servicing of grease interceptors. Food service establishments must service grease interceptors quarterly and in accordance with §§ 51.170 through 51.176 of this Code. The regulatory authority may require that the food service establishment service the grease interceptors more frequently.
   (B)   Report of service. Each establishment must provide the regulatory authority with a copy of the grease interceptors servicing manifest or invoice immediately after the grease interceptor has been serviced. The invoice shall contain the name and address of the food service establishment; the name and address of the licensed waste carrier; the name and address of the licensed disposal site; the signature of the operator of the establishment, the waste carrier and the disposal site; and the quantity and date of grease removal and disposal. This can be by mailing or faxing to the regulatory authority.
(Ord. 2019-2572, passed 5-13-19)