§ 111.15  REVOCATION.
   The city may revoke a permit for serious or repeated violation(s) of any of the requirements of this chapter or for interference with the Building Official/ Code Enforcement Officer in the performance of his/her duties. Prior to revocation, the city shall notify the permit holder or the person in charge of the food establishment in writing of the reason(s) for which the permit is subject to revocation and inform them of the opportunity for a hearing before the City Manager.  If the permit holder requests a hearing,  they shall file their written request for a hearing with the City Secretary within ten days following service of such notice of revocation.  If a request for hearing is filed,  a hearing shall be scheduled within 30  days of the City's receipt of such request. If no request for hearing is filed within the ten-day period, the revocation of the permit becomes final.
(Ord. 2019-2572, passed 5-13-19)