A food establishment, temporary food establishment, mobile food unit, child care center or group residence that provides food service shall only be operated with a valid permit issued by the city.  Permits are not transferable from place to place or person to person. A valid permit shall be posted in public view in every establishment. Each and every food establishment, whether under one roof or not,  shall be considered a separate establishment, and a permit must be obtained for each establishment. Each such establishment is subject to the requirements in this chapter.
   (A)   A copy of a current sales tax permit issued to the applicant by the Comptroller of Public Accounts of the State of Texas; and no permit,  license or certificate shall be issued by the Building Official to any applicant who does not have a current sale tax permit.
   (B)   A photocopy of the food manager's certificate of completion of a food service sanitation course must be submitted with the permit application or renewal. Manager certification must be verified through department records.
   (C)   Two or more establishments. If a person,  company or corporation owns or operates two or more establishments, each establishment shall be permitted separately by listing the name and address of each establishment on separate application forms.
(Ord. 2019-2572, passed 5-13-19)