§ 100.01  DEFINITIONS.
   For purposes of this chapter the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   BENEFIT.  Anything reasonably regarded as economic gain or economic advantage, including benefit to any other person in whose welfare the beneficiary is interested, but does not include a contribution to expenditure made and reported in accordance with law.
   BOARD.  A board, commission, or committee:
      (1)   Which is established by city ordinance, charter, interlocal contract or state law; or
      (2)   Which serves as the board of a nonprofit development corporation that acts as an instrumentality of the city; and
      (3)   Any part of whose membership is appointed by the City Council, but does not include a board, commission, or committee which is the governing body of a separate political subdivision of the state.
   CITY ("the city").  City of Freeport.
   EMPLOYEE.  A person employed and paid a salary by the city whether under civil service or not, including those individuals on a part-time basis, but does not include an independent contractor or the Mayor or City Council members.
   FAIR AND EQUITABLE STANDARDS.  The intent of the city to safeguard the rights of all citizens, to ensure that all citizen's actions are judged by fair and equitable standards, and to require that all rules are applied on an equitable basis.
   NEGOTIATING CONCERNING PROSPECTIVE EMPLOYMENT. A discussion between a city officer or employee and another employer concerning the possibility of the city officer or employee considering or accepting employment with the employer, in which discussion the city officer or employee responds in a positive way.
   OFFICER or OFFICIAL.  Mayor or any member of the City Council and any appointed member of a board, committee, or commission set up by ordinance, charter, state law or otherwise, on a regular basis, excluding those boards and commissions not operating under the direct authority of or subject to the direct control of the City Council.
(Ord. 2019-2567, passed 2-19-19)