Whenever in this Charter the pronouns he, him or his standing alone are used, such pronouns shall be construed to mean he or she, him or her and his or hers.
(Amendment adopted by electorate 5-15-18)
    We, the undersigned members of the Freeport Charter Commission, heretofore duly elected to prepare a Charter for the City of Freeport, Texas, do hereby certify that this publication constitutes a true copy of the proposed Charter for the City of Freeport, Texas, as adopted unanimously by the members hereof.
         Dwight N. Wetherell, Chairman
         Earl B. Barnes, Vice-Chairman
         Mrs. Duncan MacLaren, Secretary
G. C. Hardman, Jr.
         Mrs. Delia Capps
E. L. Haynes
         Mrs. A. A. Miller
J. W. Royalty, Jr.
         Mrs. Bertha Salmans
         Walter Snyder
         Sam Sutherland, Jr.
         Sanford R. Thompson
         George T. Wommack
         Harold E. Ammons
         Dan M. Lawlis