33.01   Creation
   33.02   Jurisdiction
   33.03   Judicial notice of Charter, ordinances, minute orders, territorial limits, speed zone signs and traffic control signals
   33.04   Duties
   33.05   Procedure
   33.06   Application of cash deposited with bonds
   33.07   Failure to return and pay fine
   33.08   Costs in addition to court costs
   33.09   Payment of jurors
   33.10   Warrant fees
   33.11   Notice to appear in court for violation of provisions of code of ordinances; promise to appear; waiver of sworn complaint
   33.12   Definition
   33.13   Violation of promise to appear
   33.14   Appearance by legal counsel
   33.15   Procedure not exclusive
Statutory reference:
   Municipal Court, see Tex. Gov't Code  §§ 29.001 et seq.; Tex. Crim. Proc. Code, §§ 45.01 et seq.