(a)   No owner or operator of any vehicle shall park any vehicle, or permit such vehicle to remain parked on any part of the public streets set forth in subsection (b) hereof, at any time within twenty-four hours after a snowfall of three inches or more has occurred.  Provided that such parking shall be permitted, if otherwise lawful, after snow accumulation upon such street has been removed or such street has been otherwise cleared of snow in the Village.
   (b)   The street to be designated as a snow removal street in the Village shall be and is hereby designated as follows:  Both sides of Main Street, north from 4th Street to Mill Street.
   (c)   The Mayor or Chairman of the Street Committee shall determine the time when three or more inches of snow have fallen and shall cause the street enumerated to be properly posted.  (Ord. 1978-11.  Passed 3-27-78.)
   (d)   Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.