In addition to those matters which may be prohibited by a resolution of the county governing body, it is unlawful to do the following in any refuse disposal facilities:
   (A)   Salvaging, scavenging or animal feeding;
   (B)   Speeding or reckless driving;
   (C)   Dumping before or after scheduled operating hours;
   (D)   The operation of unsafe vehicles;
   (E)   Dumping of motor vehicles or parts thereof;
   (F)   Dumping of hot ashes, firearms or explosive materials;
   (G)   Dumping of septic tank sludge;
   (H)   Dumping of nonstabilized sewage sludge; (Stabilization of sludge is the process of converting active, organic matter in sewage sludge into inert, harmless material.)
   (I)   Dumping of sludge containing less than 13% solids.
(Ord. 80-26-178, 9-9-1980; Ord. 81-19-209, 6-23-1981; Ord. 14-23-678, 11-13-2014)