TITLE ONE - Administration
         Chap. 301.   Authority to Control Traffic; Definitions.
         Chap. 303.   Enforcement, Impounding and Penalties.
   TITLE THREE - Streets and Traffic Control Devices
         Chap. 311.   Use of Streets, Sidewalks, and Bike Paths; Obstructions.
         Chap. 313.   Traffic Control Devices.
   TITLE FIVE - Vehicles
         Chap. 331.   General Operation.
         Chap. 333.   Speed; OVI; Physical Control; Reckless Operation; Wrongful Entrustment.
         Chap. 335.   Drivers’ Licenses; Suspensions; Accidents.
         Chap. 337.   Unsafe Vehicles; Lights; Equipment and Safety Requirements.
         Chap. 339.   Commercial Vehicles; Commercial Driver’s Licenses; Buses; Heavy Vehicles.
         Chap. 341.   Motor Vehicle Licensing; License Plates; Certificate of Title.
   TITLE SEVEN - Parking
         Chap. 351.   Parking on Public or Private Property; Parking Facilities.
         Chap. 353.   Private Tow-Away Zones; Abandoned or Unclaimed Vehicles; Reclamation; Disposal.
   TITLE NINE - Pedestrians, Bicycles and Motorcycles
         Chap. 371.   Pedestrians; Hitchhiking; Riding on Outside of Vehicle; Motorized Wheelchairs.
         Chap. 373.   Bicycles; Motorcycles; Motorized Bicycles; Electric Mobility Devices.
         Chap. 375.   Snowmobiles, Off-Highway Motorcycles and All-Purpose Vehicles.
         Chap. 379.   Skateboards.