Nothing contained in this subchapter is intended to authorize the use of the “Perpetual Care Fund” except as specifically authorized in this subchapter. The Perpetual Care Fund is designed for the permanent maintenance of the Greenlawn/Shady Rest Cemetery and/or any and all other city cemeteries after the sale of all lots presently owned by the cemetery. The City Commission or its designee shall have custody of the perpetual care account. No disbursement from the corpus of the Perpetual Care Fund shall ever be made by the City Commission, or by any other entity. The City Commission shall be authorized to expend from the interest income of the Perpetual Care Fund only at such time as the Perpetual Care Fund has accumulated sufficient sums so that the earned interest income is sufficient to meet the budgetary requirements of the Greenlawn/Shady Rest Cemetery. Until such time, the interest income shall be reinvested in the Perpetual Care Fund.
(Ord. 620.2-11-2007, passed 11-26-2007)