(A)   There must be an Authorization for Interment Form completed prior to any interment.
   (B)   All service charges are due and payable prior to any interment or disinterment, except where prior arrangements have been made.
   (C)   Cemetery lots or single graves are sold for the sole purpose of right of burial for the use of the purchaser and purchaser’s designee/family. Relatives and heirs may be buried in a grave lot if they present a notarized statement, signed by the purchaser or the purchaser’s designee, heirs or assigns, attached to the Authorization for Interment Form.
   (D)   The burial of two bodies in the same grave shall not be permitted except when both bodies are in the same casket. The fee for opening and closing the grave remains the same.
   (E)   If a grave is purchased for the purpose of interment of cremations, three cremations are permitted per lot site, provided there are no vault burials in the grave.
   (F)   A limit of one cremation interment is permitted over a vault burial grave.
   (G)   Cemetery personnel or their designees shall conduct all opening and closing procedures.
(Ord. 620.2-11-2007, passed 11-26-2007)