§ 92.10 MONUMENTS.
   All monuments, markers, tombstones, cornerstones, tablets or ornaments shall be erected under the supervision of the Cemetery Sexton. The location for erecting any of the items listed above must be marked by the Cemetery Sexton before erection begins. Size limit(s) on monuments will be based on the size of lot(s) owned. The size limits shall be determined at the sole discretion of the Cemetery Sexton, or his or her designee, on a case-by-case basis. The Cemetery Sexton must be notified at least three working days before installation in the form of a Monument Installation Request Form. Flags marking the location will be removed in ten working days if item is not installed within this ten-day time frame. Thereafter, a new Monument Installation Request Form must be submitted prior to installing the item. In case of violation of this section, the Cemetery Sexton shall remove, reset, rectify or change such monument, marker, tombstone, cornerstone or ornament, and the owner of the lot or the company and/or person that erected the item shall pay all costs associated with rectifying, removing, resetting or changing same. There is a $10 fee for marking the monument location.
(Ord. 620.2-11-2007, passed 11-26-2007)