(A)   If the Director determines that a customer’s private water system constitutes an imminent hazard, such customer shall install a backflow prevention assembly as may be specified by the Director within 24 hours after notice of the Director’s determination. If the customer fails to take corrective measures in a timely manner or refuses to install the specified assembly, water service to the customers private water system may be terminated.
   (B)   If the Director is unable to give notice to such customer or his or her representative within 24 hours after the determination that an imminent hazard exists despite reasonable efforts to provide such notice, the Director may terminate water service to the private water system until the specified corrected measures are taken.
   (C)   Upon correction of the existing problem and with the Director’s approval, water service will be continued to the customer.
(Ord. 615.0-2001, passed 11-19-2001)